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BMW Parts Required To Build A LEGEND

Any BMW 3-series E36/E46 4 or 6 cylinder petrol engine complete with all ancillaries and engine mounts excluding exhaust manifold, power steering pump and air-con pump

Engine Loom

Coil Pack
Lambda Sensor(s)
EWS (if fitted)
Key Amplifier (if fitted)

Manual Gearbox
Any 5 or 6 speed manual gearbox as fitted to BMW's range of 4 or 6 cylinder petrol engines including rubber gearbox mounts

Front End Parts

Note: Any BMW 3-series E36/E46, except M3

Wheel Bearings / Hubs (new essential)
Brake Discs (new recommended)
Brake Disc
Retaining Bolts
Brake Callipers (new/refurbished recommended)

Rear End Parts

Note: Any BMW 3-series E36/E46 disc brake flange (not drum), except M3

Wheel Bearings (new essential)
Wheel Hubs / Flanges
Brake Discs (new recommended)
Brake Disc Retaining Bolts

Differential and Driveshafts

Note: Any BMW 3-series E36/E46 items, except M3* and all compact models

Differential Unit. Note: If E36 differential then complete with speed sensor plug and 50mm tails
Driveshafts including bolts
*NOTE: The M3 LSD (not M3 EVO) differential can be used, however, the output flanges and halfshafts would have to be changed to those from another medium case differential.

Other BMW 3-series E36/E46 Parts

Steering column complete with ignition switch, ignition key (coded to the EWS module if fitted), indicator stalk, wiper stalk (if required) and plastic shroud
Lower steering shaft
Steering wheel (Note: Not airbag type)
Gearlever knob
Gearlever cover
Handbrake lever
Handbrake cover
Handbrake cables (new recommended)
Accelerator cable
Fuel pump/sender 1 complete with plugs and 100mm tails
Fuel sender 2 complete with plug and 100mm tails
Dash pod complete with plugs and 250mm tails
Engine earth lead
Engine loom socket with 250mm tails
EWS socket (if required) with 250mm tails
Key amplifier white plug lead (if required) with 250mm tails
Wheels, tyres and wheel bolts
V5 Registration Document. Essential to obtain an age related (non-'Q') registration number

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