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The most convenient way to build an EVOLUTION is to purchase the “Comprehensive Pack”. The only other major components required to complete your car are the donor items and your choice of alloy wheels.

EVOLUTION Comprehensive Pack

The EVOLUTION Comprehensive Pack contains all the items listed below. Please specify RHD or LHD

£ 15,750.00 Add

GRP Colour Evolution Comprehensive Pack

Please specify Body colour. Standard colour is Grey, other colours will incur a £250 surcharge
NOTE: The body will require spraying, therefore the gelcoat only acts as a base colour

£ 0.00 Add

•  Fully jig assembled powder coated chassis with integral E36 diff carrier, lower diff bracket, handbrake/gear selector bracket, bonnet hinges, VIN plate and GKD keyring
•  Full upper and lower front and rear wishbone set with rear track adjusters
•  Complete wishbone bush set
•  Front upper & lower ball joint set
•  Complete suspension and diff bolt set
•  Fabricated front uprights. Not for use with M3 wheel bearings/hubs
•  Front uprights and wheel bearings/hubs
•  Fabricated rear uprights for use with BMW flange (pair)
•  Rear upright wheel bearings for use with BMW flange (pair)
•  Steering rack (High Ratio), track rods and lower universal joint
•  Steering rack mounts & track rod end extensions
•  Fabricated lower steering shaft
•  Pedal box inc. full bolt kit bush set & balance bar
•  Brake and clutch master cylinders c/w rose joints & brake fluid reservoir
•  Brake pipe kit (stainless) with 3-way union 4 way union and brake light switch
•  Clutch pipe (stainless)
•  Rear brake callipers and pads. If using 15" instead of 16" or 17" wheels callipers may need modifying
•  Handbrake lever and handbrake cable
•  Front & rear fully adjustable dampers and springs (350lb front 200lb rear) complete with rear spacers
•  Fuel tank with integral swirl pot. Takes BMW fuel pump/sender
•  Fuel lines & fuel pipe
•  Complete body pack (grey gel-coat) incl. windscreen support brackets boot and door hinges
•  Dash panel frame and steering column bracket
•  Door cappings
•  GKD badge
•  Clear laminate windscreen
•  Alloy radiator fan and header tank
•  Wiring loom (to use BMW E36 engine loom) and relays. Note: GKD requires the following connectors, each with 150mm leads. Engine loom socket, EWS socket and Key amplifier white plug lead
•  Door rubbers door lock trim door boot + bonnet locks catches and solenoids
•  Wiper assembly including arms blades + washer system
•  Lighting pack - front headlights front indicators side repeaters tail lights rear stop lamps rear indicators reflectors fog lamp + no. plate light
•  Windscreen weather-strip
•  Door mirrors and interior mirror
•  Alloy flush fit fuel filler cap and filler hose
•  Brushed aluminium switch set
•  Steering wheel & boss
•  Heater assembly complete with plenum hose and face vents
•  Carpet kit. Interior and boot in black
•  Leather cloth trimmed seats and headrests in black
•  4-point seat belts
•  Engine & gearbox brackets incl. rubber engine mounts
•  Propshaft adapter
•  Propshaft (exchange)
•  Stainless steel exhaust system (if post 1995 enginecatalytic convertors)

BMW Parts Required (not included in the above price)
•  Engine (4 or 6 cylinder) complete with all ancillaries (except power steering pump)
•  Gearbox
•  Lambda sensor(s) complete with lead and plug
•  ECU
•  EWS Module - If fitted on donor car
•  Key amplifier - If fitted on donor car
•  Engine loom - *Note: GKD requires the following connectors each with 250mm tails. Engine loom socket, EWS socket (if needed) and Key amplifier white plug lead (if needed)
•  Differential - If E36 diff then complete with speed sensor plug and 100mm tails
•  Halfshafts
•  Front hubs/discs/ callipers
•  Rear flanges/discs
•  Handbrake lever and cables
•  Steering column including stalks and key
•  Lower steering shaft
•  Horn
•  Fuel pump/sender 1 complete with plugs and 100mm tails
•  Fuel sender 2 complete with plug and 100mm tails
•  Dash pod complete with plugs and 150mm tails
•  Wheels and tyres

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