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The most convenient way to build a LEGEND S is to purchase the "Comprehensive Pack". The only other major components required to complete your car is your choice of stainless exhaust system (4 or 6 cylinder), your BMW donor items and your choice of alloy wheels.

LEGEND Comprehensive Pack

The LEGEND S Comprehensive Pack contains all items listed below. Please specify RHD or LHD

£ 9,995.00 Add

GRP Colour Legend Comprehensive Pack

Please specify colour for Nosecone Scuttle Front & Rear Wings. Standard colours are Black and White, other colours will incur a £50 surcharge

£ 0.00 Add

Padded Seats

Upgrade from the standard fibreglass seats to a pair of padded leather cloth seats (Odyssey II)

£ 115.00 Add

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter. Must be ordered at the same time as the exhaust system

£ 250.00 Add

•  Fully jig assembled powdercoated chassis with integral E36 diff carrier (supplied black powder coated) lower diff bracket gear selector bracket headlight bracket VIN plate and GKD keyfob
•  Standard roll bar
•  Full upper and lower front and rear wishbone set with rear track adjusters
•  Complete wishbone bush set
•  Front upper & lower ball joint set
•  Complete suspension and diff bolt kit
•  Fabricated front uprights (exchange). Not for use with M3 wheel bearings/hubs
•  Front uprights and wheel bearings/hubs
•  Fabricated rear uprights for use with BMW flange (pair). Not for use with M3 flange
•  Rear upright wheel bearings for use with BMW flange (pair)
•  Steering rack (High Ratio), track rod ends and lower universal joint
•  Steering rack mounts and track rod end extensions
•  Fabricated lower steering shaft
•  IVA kit
•  Pedal box inc. full bolt kit bush set & balance bar
•  Brake and clutch master cylinders c/w rose joints & brake fluid reservoir
•  Brake pipe kit (stainless) with 3-way union 4 way union and brake light switch
•  Clutch pipe (stainless)
•  Rear brake callipers and pads. If using 15" instead of 16" or 17" wheels callipers may need modifying
•  Front & rear fully adjustable dampers and springs
•  Fuel tank. Takes BMW fuel pump/sender
•  Fuel lines & fuel pipe
•  Full size paper templates for aluminium panels
•  Nosecone
•  Scuttle/Dash
•  Rear wings (pair)
•  Front cycle wings (pair)
•  Wing piping - Black (3 metres)
•  Cycle wing stays (pair)
•  Body/floor rivets body bolts brake/fuel line fixings
•  Bonnet catches (rubber) x 4
•  GKD badge
•  Radiator and fan
•  Wiring loom (to use BMW E36 engine loom) and relays. Note: GKD requires the following connectors, each with 150mm leads. Engine loom socket, EWS socket and Key amplifier white plug lead
•  Lighting pack - front headlights front indicators side repeaters tail lights fog light reverse light and number plate light
•  Side mirrors and scuttle mount rear view mirror
•  Flush fit fuel filler cap and filler hose
•  Switch set
•  GRP race seats (pair)
•  4-point seat belts (pair)
•  Rubber engine mounts (pair)
•  Propshaft adapter
•  Propshaft
•  Complete fittings pack

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