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Continual Evolution - 5 Page Feature

"... fresh and very stylish design that has the sort of outline that you look at and pick-up little clever touches all over it. It's retro yet very modern...", "...I'd conclude by calling it a muscle car, done in a highly British way"."There's also not much in the kitcar world to touch it for practicality. There's one of the nicest hardtops I've seen that pops on for use in inclement weather, it features doors that lock, a curved windscreen, so the occupants don't get blown to bits, nice wide sills that enable ladies to retain their modesty when getting in and out, and a simply huge boot". "Therefore it is a kitcar GT par excellence. Highly practical and a car you could use everyday". "It's all topped off nicely by the merest dab of throttle, which sends the Evolution spearing off towards the horizon"."I was mightily impressed with the GKD Evolution. It's a great kitcar...". "From trackday hooligan to everyday road car to grand tourer to Tesco shopper, it can do everything with ease, while it's the sort of car you'll happily have parked outside your house. In this instance, the Evolution name describes the continual development perfectly !

Totalkitcar Magazine - July/August 2008


Night & Day - 4 Page Feature

"When I arrive, he's already packed all his gear into the boot, which has still left plenty of room for my tent, sleeping bag and other paraphernalia in the remainder of the boot and capacious door storage pockets". "For a car that occupies less road space than a Caterham, the accomodation on offer is incredible ". "Even in its unmarked livery the unfamilar shape of the GKD is already getting loads of attention from Porsche, TVR and Aston Martin drivers". "It has been a blast of a trip, and the Evolution was the perfect car for it". "Fast, rare and practical, it has a terrific blend of attributes".

Complete Kit Car Magazine - August 2007


Which Kit Car? Car of the Year 2006 - 11 Page Feature

Performance - 1st Place GKD EVOLUTION"No surprises that the EVOLUTION has this category covered. Its 265bhp is delivered with a hammer blow efficiency". "The GKD takes your breath away".
Handling - 1st Place GKD EVOLUTION"The GKD has the composure to make the most of the power on tap". "
A confidence inspiring car, you can't ask for more".
Driving Position - 1st Place GKD EVOLUTION"... you sit well down in the EVOLUTION, with the tops of the doors level with your shoulders. It gives you a cosy and secure feeling...". "
Best driving position of the day by far".
Practicality - 1st Place GKD EVOLUTION"I could probably live with this one seven days a week...". "Little wonder that the
EVOLUTION once again came out on top in this category".
Value For Money - 1st Place GKD EVOLUTION"... this high performance sports kit
car looks good value".

Summary - 1st Place Overall GKD EVOLUTION"
This is a thoroughly modern car which, currently has little else in the way of competition".

Which Kit Car Magazine - January 2007


Cossie Clout - 5 Page Feature

"This is a good cockpit. The simple dash is well designed and looks fab in its mix of materials. The white face dials look more modern than retro and the overall impression in here is of high production values which are rarely seen in the kit car bizz".
Opportunities to fully explore the Cosworth's true potential are few and far between, but when it comes, boy, does it come!". "The turbo seems to take a deep breath, pause for a second and then spit the EVOLUTION up the road... pah".
The feeling of substance and solidity, the sense of being inside the car rather than on it and the simple yet highly effective interior are all good memories rekindled here..."."There's a lot to get excited about here".

Which Kit Car Magazine - December 2006


Silver Bullet - 5 Page Feature

"From the specification, the EVOLUTION comes across as an out and out performance car which, of course, it is but it's also practical".
"As much fun as a seven-inspired car? Absolutely". "More civilised? Definitely". "More practical? No contest". "Price competitive? I think so but you decide".
"I really like this car. I like the new styling. I like the improved quality. I like the attention to detail. I like the
performance, practicality and versatility".

Kit Car Magazine - November 2006


GKD EVOLUTION - 1 Page Guide

"Believe me, this is a powerful, technically advanced, high performance sports car of great ability. It's also refined".
"The car weighs 750 kgs producing a power to weight ratio of 360 bhp per ton which can stretch to
450 with the boost turned up". "The car is nicely balanced whilst the Gaz dampers deliver a ride of supreme overall quality".

Kit Car Magazine - October 2006


BRAVE NEW WORLD - 7 Page Feature

"... there's little doubt that everyone who sees the car as we cruise around looking for a photo location is impressed. This car has the wow factor with both adults and children alike".
"Slotting into the drivers seat only adds to the anticipation. This was always a great place to be - the cabin wraps around you perfectly, remaining snug yet strangely spacious.
The driving position is excellent, with good space down in the tunnel for you feet on the floor-mounted pedals and a natural feel for the steering wheel and gear lever".
cars like the EVOLUTION could be our future. It's a brave new world out there!".

Which Kit Car Magazine - July 2006


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