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M POWER - 6 Page Feature

"There are some really nice touches to the engine install, which demonstrates the benefit of using a high quality donor car". "All of which means that here's a supercar level of performance, that's happy to potter through town, sit in traffic or jet propel you up the nearest clear stretch of blacktop at the merest trickle of the throttle. Clever". "What he's achieved is highly impressive. The Legend's ride is very accomplished, coping with treacherous road surfaces with ease yet always retaining a sense of control". "It drives into corners, grips hard and accelerates like little else". " What it brings to the party is not only huge performance but a sense of kudos that can't be matched by a Ford based car. You can imagine the conversation, can't you? What's it based on , mate? BMW. So what's the engine? M3 straight six. So what sort of power is that producing? 320bhp. Then you pop open the bonnet... wow! Game, set and match".

Complete Kit Car Magazine - October 2011


DRIVEN: GKD LEGEND - It looks like a Caterham, but it goes like a BMW M3. Genius? Oh,yes...

"... the GKD's cabin is actually quite accommodating, with a most un-Caterham-like amount of space for feet, arms and buttocks". "On the move it's immediately obvious that this is also a surprisingly approachable car. The clutch, gearchange and driveline are all easygoing and friendly, while the comparatively chunky 258lb ft of torque renders a hyperactive throttle response unnecessary". "If you want a car that can do sprints or hillclimbs - and probably decimate all but the most focused opposition - one day, then trundle you to and from work another, then it's hard to think of anything that's more impressive (hyper-Caterhams or Ariel Atoms et al included)". "...the idea of a six-pot BMW drivetrain in a kit car is a fabulous one, and one that GKD has executed with considerable skill. It is quite a car".

PistonHeads Website - September 2011


E Numbers - 6 Page Feature

"Hop aboard and the first impression is of generous space". "The seats are comfortable too". "Start her up and the 318iS fires up instantly to emit a gruff beat as it ideals. The bass burble hints at solid power and it doesn't deceive". " As I said, it's excellent traction makes it quick off the line... ". "The front end is brilliant going into the bends whether nosing in or being pushed hard while the back end can seemingly take all the throtlle abuse you can throw at it without breaking away". "Naturally, the car has the required excess of power over grip to react to right foot exuberance but when you're concentrating on going quickly, lighting up the Avons just slows you down". "Also like the donor 3-series, it's well screwed together with no rattles, squeaks or annoying vibrations...". "I was greatly impressed by this car..."

Kit Car Magazine - December 2010


Thrifty Thrills - 3 Page Feature

"Here's how to lay your hands on M3 power-to-weight without spending a penny on engine tuning". "...the affordable GKD LEGEND is an absolute hoot...". "The 140'ish bhp twin-cam M42 delivers exactly what it wants to without worrying about its previous mass...". "... it feels like I'm in the midst of setting a new land speed record...". "It offers plenty of traction and its aforementioned keeness to crack on is only amplified from standstill". "The ride is naturally stiff but the adjustable Gaz dampers can be tweaked to suit and through the bends it doesn't disappoint". "It's undoubtly very quick, but what's more overwhelming is the noise and complete exposure to the surroundings". "It's amazing to think that such little power can provide this amount of satisfaction".

Total BMW Magazine - October 2010


3 Into 7 Does Go - 6 Page Feature

"Say hello to the brilliant GKD Legend - yours from just £7k!". "My tear-streaked hamster cheeks are wobbling up and down and as the speed rises I can feel my eyeballs starting to oscillate within their sockets and I think I can almost feel my hairline receding as my roots do battle with the wind. Despite these minor inconveniences this is still the most fun I've had in a car for a long time…". "... with a feisty, rev-happy BMW M42 singing away in front of me and a bespoke exhaust barking away happily in my ears I really can't think of another BMW-powered machine I'd rather be driving". "At its heart is a spaceframe chassis to which the BMW components are bolted and such is the thought and careful development work that has gone into the Legend that it utilises a remarkable array of BMW components". "No doubt the most popular BMW to build a Legend from will be the E36 318iS as its 16-valve M42/M44 four pot offers the most power, and given that the Legend weighs in at less than 600kg its 140hp is enough to give it a better power to weight ratio than an E46 M3. Quite how rapid a Legend Six running M3 power must feel is almost beyond comprehension!". "What I was most impressed with was how roomy it felt, as wheel time in Caterhams in the past has always been spoilt by feeling overly cramped, and it was a pleasant surprise to discover that the Legend's footwell is large enough to be able to drive the car wearing shoes!". "Pulling away and it feels most un-3 Series like thanks to the huge performance - it really does take off like a scalded marmot and keeps going with every up shift. Thanks to the low weight it also feels pretty torquey and tractable". "... for a machine that provides this amount of fun and will no doubt reward the keen driver whether it's on track days or a cobweb removing dawn raid down your favourite back road it seems like a small price to pay".

BMW Car Magazine - August 2010


Modern Classic - 5 Page Feature

"This car is genuinely surprisingly quick". "To get this kind of performance without expensive tuning makes the BMW (powered LEGEND) a very attractive proposition". "There's a consistency to the whole package that comes from using a single donor. All the primary controls are evenly weighted and require equal inputs". "The LEGEND's pertinacious straight line performance is backed up by a competent display in the corners". "Overall, this is a well rounded, highly appealing package". "The GRP panels are well presented and the quality of the chassis and suspension parts looks good too". "The 3-series may have almost chosen itself as one of the few mass produced front engine, rear-wheel drive cars available, but GKD should be congratulated for being the first to use it in a sevenesque chassis". " It makes for an appealing package that appeals to heart and pocket equally".

Complete Kit Car Magazine - July 2010


THREE Style - 5 Page Feature

"... the GKD Legend brings something genuinely new to the table". "... it's the first Seven inspired roadster to use the BMW 3-series as its single-donor". "... GKD estimates that a self build will be possible from £7,000...". "That has to be good value for a quality offering which thanks to its proven suspension package and respectable power output, promises to acquit itself on the road". "The Legend is potentially a very significant car in the evolution of the kit car". "The timing must now be right to find a new order in kit car donors. The BMW has the blend of attributes that made the Sierra such a popular basis for home built cars  - wide availability, affordability and tuneability - and brings with it superior engineering, greater parts interchangeability and a bit of brand image". " ... the Legend isn't just another Seven".

Complete Kit Car Magazine - July 2009


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